Blue & Gold

Celebrating the anniversary of Scouting

Our special day is fast approaching

Blue & Gold is a celebration of the Scouting anniversary and highlights the achievements of our Webelos II den as they receive the highest honor in Cub Scouts, the Arrow of Light. Completing their journey in Cub Scouts we will be honoring their commitment to scouting as they cross over to continue their journey in Scouts, BSA.

As part of our celebration, we have dinner and entertainment to make the evening more enjoyable for all.

Our special entertainment event for this evening is: Juggling Performance Featuring Adam Boehmer

As with previous years, we do cover the cost of the Scouts in the pack but do ask that other family members tickets are paid for by you. Please let us know how many will be attending our Blue & Gold Celebration.

History of Cub Scouting

Blue & Gold Celebration

Thursday, March 28th, 6-8pm

814 Mimosa Boulevard

Roswell, GA

  • The event will be held in Fellowship Hall
  • Scout's are free, Adults and Siblings are $12 each
  • All Scouts should plan on attending (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos & Arrow of Light)
  • Uniform for the event is formal Class A.

Limited amount of tickets available at door. This is due to the nature of how we pay for the food and can't forecast correctly for the staff at RUMC.

RSVP for Banquet Below - Deadline is March 18th.

Note: $20 at the door. Limited availability of at the door tickets.


  • 6:00 – Meeting Begins (Food Service begins @ 5:45)
  • 6:00 – Flag Ceremony
  • 6:05 – Invocation
  • 6:25 – Fiends of Scouting
  • 6:30 – Cub Camp/Resident Camp Presentation
  • 6:40 – Announcements/Leader Recognition
  • 6:50 - Dessert Break
  • 6:50 – Special Presentation (Entertainment)
  • 7:20 - Arrow of Light Ceremony
  • 7:50 – Webelos Arrow of Light Den Leaders
  • 7:55 – Crossing over Ceremony
  • 8:20 – Closing Ceremony

This is a Draft agenda with time built in to the program just in case we run long. We will do everything possible to end earlier but wanted to give you a "worse case" look at the program for the night.

Parting thought

A good positive attitude can truly change the way you approach life, and your future. Let me illustrate with a short story.

A few years ago, there was a wildlife organization out west that offered a bounty of $5000 for captured wolves.
Two friends, Sam and Jed, decided to make their fortune. Day and night, they scoured the mountains and forests looking for their valuable prey.
Exhausted one night, after searching for many days with no luck, they fell asleep dreaming of their potential fortune.
Suddenly, Sam woke up a bit startled, and saw that they were surrounded by a huge pack of nearly 70 wolves with searing black eyes, and bared teeth. Low growls rumbling from their throats.

He slowly reached over and nudged his friend and said "Jed, wake up."
"I think we're rich!"

Gentlemen, Sam had a positive attitude. I hope you do, too.

Invoices will be sent once you register. (Scouts are free)

RSVP closes 3/20. After that date the fee will be 20 with a limited amount of seats.